Wednesday, 16 May 2012


I enjoyed this video thoroughly by Kelli Anderson whom i think is a really inspiring graphic designer who is someone who is able to take a different perspective in life and head on to do change the way we think of the world. She is able to change the way paper is able to change its quickly, such as the christmas card that puts on the literal photo of receiving the card and makes people think how you open another christmas card. The routine and continual repetitive actions that we do continue to carry less meaning and have to constantly search for something fresh in order to gain our interest and new means to bring colour to our life. What was most inspiring part of her video is the use of paper to make music. Not a usual thing for many to work on and paper do not carry the purpose of just for writing or the various conventional purposes. It can be used to make Music. Lastly, the constant news of war, terror, bad economy and other negative news always creeps up on our lives as we continue to be unhappy of the world around us and the growing polarized country that we live in. We continue to be cynical and put every positivity with skepticism, also adding on our "connected" lives with the pursuit of technology. I would love to receive news one day that are everything that make everyone happy.

It's said to be impossible, but she did it. amazing.
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