Thursday, 31 May 2012


I was inspired by one of the works done by Code Switch of Bee Aye and always wanted to create and play with the silkscreening. Fortunately, I was at the opening for the event code switch, I decided to consult Bee Aye at the event and was really excited on the idea of using emulsion and the different chemicals as well as the use of fabrics to create an interesting art work. Bee Aye has been a really interest artist to talk to with her own sets of creative ideas to put into. Her use and selection of the different fabrics was interesting as she explains on her she choices and how she come about working on the art piece. After conversing with her, i was looking for clear netting to work with and i found that the school arts store had existing silkscreen pictures that I could work on. The skill of silkscreen requires different techniques, timing, precision and careful work. here's a picture of the silkscreening before anything has started.

 After adding the paint, I had to make sure the paint is spread nicely like a thin line on the side of the screen before spreading it across. one problem that I had been warned was that acrylic paint dries ultra fast. However, I did not purchase an extra-time medium to prolong the drying of the acrylic paint and had to work even faster. A close up of after apply the paint.

 I had the chance to use 2 silk screens instead of one design! I was using a bass image and a television image for the work. I was working within the confines of my small room so I had to cover most parts of my room floor with newspapers.

After being more confident, I tried on silkscreening on fabric bags. Because of the lack in spaces, I had to put the bags on my bed. And accidentally staining my bed (look at the wet spot with tissue), the price of being creative. haha


 Finally completed the works on the fabric bags, you can see that each bag is different in its texture and image even though it uses the same screen.

 What's not in this post is the hard work place and the difficult moving of the screen and the swift swiping of paint across the screen. clearing out the screens to ensure that you are able to use it again. making sure that the paint has been spread through the whole image and that it is dark enough. The cleaning part was also a nightmare as my home toilet became like a murder crime scene. Instead of red blood, I had black paint splatted all around the walls of the toilet and also, the screen had to be cleaning thoroughly and there seems to be no ending on the amount of black paint I had to wash off.

 One of the really craziest thing I have ever done: staining my bedsheet and making a disaster in the toilet just to create a seemingly easy work in making images on paper and fabric. Overall, It was still really really satisfying to see how beautiful the images come out and learn the different techniques to put in. Pin It

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