Saturday, 19 May 2012

no whiners allowed!

Finally did a more graphic and guyish layout! though it requires more black ink, paint and enamel accent! Really enjoy using enamel accent which can be place on any surface u like and i made it highlight the focal photo. And i finally got this chance to print the photos or the aquathlon team which i have NOT been training recently (guilty much!) But I'll be running and stuffs during my trip to laos and when I get back. (IPPT is coming!) Meanwhile, this is really a fun bunch of determined ROBOTS who never stop training.

You can't see the reflection as much from the Papermarket blog so I decided to take on that shows me using the copper sheet that my dad gave me. (on the running stickers) And also you can see I used quite a fair bit of enamel accent.

I like the top left part of the layout.

Till then!  (I'm coming back from Laos in about now... I Guess.)

See yea. Pin It

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