Monday, 20 February 2012

Daily inspiration.

 My blog is gathering cobwebs. A little time for some blogging to take place is hard. But right now, being the Design Team for Papermarket/Laines I get the opportunity to do a little more blogging on the papermarket blog as well as my own blog. Here is actually the close up for the two layouts I made for the arrival of the new Authenique papers that arrive just in time with my blog post! The happy times one is actually a photo which was printed for me by my friends which we had a wonderful birthday celebration. The best part is the papers matches perfectly with the colours of the paper! Another one was done for my cousins for the lovely posed/candid shots for them in the park. I miss the times we had fun just going to the park and enjoy running around.

These layout just make me excited about the next time we are gonna see each other soon. Working and studying is a little trolling but time past really fast and is kinda fun. I'll be trying to post a little more and give you a little sneak peek of my classes next month!
You can check out the 2 layouts here.!

P.S: i forgot its displayed at Papermarket at rafflescity too :) Pin It

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  1. Nice nice!! :) You did a nice job with the papers!