Friday, 24 February 2012

been busy!

Merdrey said i did not do justice to my two layouts because I didn't took a good photo for the layout! Here's the two layouts (a proper photo now!) really enjoyed using these papers!

If not, you can just go to Papermarket at raffles city to look at the original one! ;) Pin It


  1. Mer is RIGHT!!! half the battle is the photo! :) The layouts are great! - now must crop the photos also lah. ;)

  2. hahaa how to take good LO photos...! i cant seem to get good lighting all the time!!!

  3. Hi Terence! been following your awesome layouts on the Pm/Laine's blog. You're the first guy i know who blogged about scrapbooking and that's really unique in the scrapbooking community!

    Oh ya, I'll put up my layout on a wall or upright surface using bluetack, facing a window and shoot. sometimes i put on the floor, and take top view. but mostly need to adjust in lightroom or photoshop for distortion n cropping. hope this helps :)