Monday, 2 July 2007

Wow. LTC photos are finally up.

Here's we it all started. we had some team building games! and of course, some time-consuming facilitation. Here's some of the photos moments i find inspiring.
Hmm.... they seeem to love sopheary alot!
lets Introduce the eight amazing leaders!


Love our names on the shirts!

And yes, these hardworking JC people have been studying, studying and studying all night long!
And guess who's climbing up the wall. Sadly, there isn't a photo where i reach the top. Oh yes, thanks to instructor who took it. I haven't ask who yet.

We Have a serious camper (JOEY) holding the lives of the climber in his hands. Good Job.
And here's the camp site.
We are very very tired. Sleeping whenever and wherever there is a chance.

Half of the group got rope burn.
Opps, this photo just popped up.
Raymond looks like he got the worse!
Our campfire night.
Loads of dancing.

And shaking of butts on stage.
And the very last day of our camp.
Here's some photos moments i see in the group.

And that's it. 286 photos finally uploaded. Thanks everyone for such a great time together.

Thanks Mr tan who got me crazy singing for hours on the last night while the playing the guitar and making me lose sleep and turning hysterical, singing to those sleepy camper who come to do sentry duty.

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