Thursday, 12 July 2007

Turning 17.

my mood hasn't changed, still feeling quite low. Thanks eoin for cracking a few jokes, hope you'll become a successful waterpolo player. (whahaha!!) In about 1/2 hours time, I'll be no longer sweet 16. Not particularly excited, but very nervous. I don't know why, but I'm just nervous. No wish list and hopeful thoughts cause i know it'll lead to a disappointment. (i wanted to learn guitar, but till now... ) I just want to have a amazing harry potter movie and experience and enjoy the dinner after that as well. I thought of treating myself.... i just love haagen daze ice-cream! I must get them... (hint ...hint and of course spending more time together studying and playing with my friends. My only wish is to enjoy myself a bit more and get really good grades in anything or EVERYTHING. (very desperate thought.) Now, I'm wondering loads of things... what more will happen tomorrow after a detailed schedule of my birthday? I wonder.

P.S: GREAT Thanks to the very photographically (is there such a word?) talented Xuyun for taking those photos!
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  1. Hey! Dont be blue! U 17 liao rite??!! Big boy! Wish I was only 17 too!! Heh heh! U're the only male scrapper i know and also the best! Keep up ur cheer!
    Enchanted By Scraps