Thursday, 15 March 2007

Finally something.

Its about time that i should blog. My free and easy days are over and out. The march hoildays would end and i would return to a new school, wish me lunch.
And finally, i could show project i did quite some time ago.... a mini neo-print album. Of course, we youngsters love to take neoprints and albums of those aren't hard to buy, but here one that you can't buy.
Here's the journaling (if you can't read my lousy, short handwriting):

I would love taking photos but not being in front of one. But when my cousin brought me to a neo-print machine. I was totally bluffed. Many things was going through my head, would i look good? Was it worth?
For just a 4"X6" adhesive backed photo, it costs 8 bucks! However, to my disbelief, the photos are especially great. And soon after, we would hop on and say' CHEESE!' :)
And here are the rest of the photos! Haha... i guess these photos really make me inspired to scrap!

This one was taken years ago when neo-prints aren't so advanced. But it looked cool!
Will blog soon, I promise!

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