Saturday, 3 March 2007

Clouds Of Emotion.

This video all started with a assembly program we had each week, it was going to be our turn and we had to make a choice of producing an act of the theme, Clouds Of Emotion. It was all rushed up (as i can remember) where 4 seperate groups were to brain storm with 5 different acts according to the 3 theme of clouds. (We would thank Miss teo for the research) This 8 min + video clip that we took and edit for an assembly program 2 years ago in an afternoon was really tiring as i was the director, camera man, editor as well.... the rest had to play another part as a producer and actors. (they all did very well.) I had problems holding the camera steady (the managment lost the stand) and some had given help with it too.

I had to explain to them that shot were taken at the scene each time and could not be taken all at once when they acted out as a non-stop play. Nevertheless, they had done pretty well with this video. And i would say my favourite act was from act 2 when Jia Feng the "teacher" came and scolded the class and the amazing contribution by Miss teo in a little acting part. And also, from act 3, karleen the another "teacher" when she was scolding the students.

A very special thanks to Miss Jessica Lai for helping us put the film to a cd-rom in order for the editing to be done and her helpful tips in making this video a "success" and in time.

I notice where every scene there would be one of them hitting on the desk. (WHY?!?) I love watching the scene that went wrong at the end of the video. (hey, we aren't born actors.) Well, this horrifing experience in extensively editing the videos and filming them would never be thought as an enterainment now where i spent till 3 a.m to finish it up. Consider it done. And never to do another again.

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