Sunday, 18 March 2007

Another MINI album!

Phew, today's a hot day! Back to the point...
Another Album! I actually uploaded this into the scrappers loft forum challenge before uploading here, you can sign up there to look at the forum stuffs. This one is a really simple but meaningful one, i even got my friends to play with the rub-ons! I had wanted to make a really simple mini album for a long time, this one did not require large amount of creativity thinking and it was perfectly easy to make. (no need for directions to make one!)

Here's my journal:
After a few answers from people who have been there, mostly Eoin and Li-sa, I went to embark on a journey with Zoey and Yi Mei a few weeks back. Well, from my view,
I couldn't really feel what some of the artist is trying to say and some doesn't link with the theme: belief. It was tiring for the three of us to go to 3 places in an afternoon . Nevertheless, I saw things that made this travel worth while and visited places I’ve never been to. It gave me a better understanding of art and exposed me to many art forms.

Tomorrow's Monday, so there's school for me tomorrow. Friday please come quick... Pin It

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