Monday, 29 May 2006

Inter-school competition... photographer please.

I have been wanting to upload this for a long time, but i needed to fufill it after my Chinese 'o' level exams, I DID IT! whooo.. yeah! Time to go and buy more scrapbooking stuffs!!! Ok, back to the point, miss jessica lai (art teacher) asked me to take some photos for the inter-school competiton. We came in at the 3rd/4th position(i can't remember). Well, they seem to have lots to fun watching or playing. But truthfully... i didn't like it one bit, though its kinda fun to see now and then. The idea of having 20 people to "snatch" a ball and kick into a really big basket, isn't right for me. ( i REALLY doze during the match.
I am really happy that the photos come off really well, miss lai made the video and put the photos just right. Many people thought it was the school photographer who took it, and WAS shocked when i was the want who take the photos!!!
Overall, i find i did well, but can do better.. thank you everyone for allowing me to take every special moment in our daily life. once again, thanks everyone!!! (esp. miss lai)

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