Saturday, 13 May 2006

Cheese Board Class

A great class in Laine's Papeterie at Wheelock Place, the fun of altering scrapbooks to cheeseboards is never ending!!! Its just really nice to put on more colours to ordinary stuffs. I can't finish my cheeseboard!!! I am really in need of buying mod-podge that is acid-free, but found that it is sold out.

It is just last last saturday and we didn't finish our cheeseboard.. *sniff* causing us to buy the mod-podge. But the 2nd problem is of my mum... the cheeseboard is for her mother's day present... how 2 do it without her?? By the way, have you got your mum a present for mothers day? Try thinking of making a handmade card on your own.
To view more of the class pictures, click here.
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  1. hey u mentioned mod podge, where can i get it? i need it for a craft proj too

  2. haha.. you could get it best at bras basah art friend! another choice is art friend in taka, if not spotlight.. but spotlight one more expensive.. however, the best is bras brasah art friend!

    ask lynett for better details and info. :)