Sunday, 26 March 2006

My trip to the art exhibition

I am very honoured to represent Kong Boon Wah to give his work to the Minister of Education. I wasn’t prepared for all this, but there I was shaking hands with the minister. I was told to act accordingly and smile while the press takes pictures. Being an ambassador of the school, I had done my part to help contribute to the school and I hope that other would do the same.

The art and design exhibition 2006 in suntec tropics atrium, from 23rd to 25th March provides one with exhibits of different cultures and traditions in the Southeast Asia. After the times of rehearse, it never tires me to walk around again and again, looking through different types of painting, sculptures, design products. These exhibits showcases works of every kind, it inspires me when I look into every piece of works.

One particular painting was done by a student, Woo Jing Tong from Temasek Junior College whom I met earlier, shows of a tribute to her grandmother. It was through different representational techniques, she explores concepts of memories and experiences of the presence of a loved one. She told me of how she had to redraw the whole picture just to get the effect she wanted. With determination, she told weeks with drawing and erasing, she had finally managed to get the effect she wanted.

It was memorable where I find, all these works had gone through many failures, and even with these defeats, they knew success is near. I believe determination is an important factor; these great works must be looked upon as a role model to our studies too. We must never give up and never crease to learn.

All these had exhibits had its own story behind it, it reflects one’s inspirations and creative spirit. I learnt about having to be inspired and inspire others. These works had made me and I hope, others to understand the possibilities that we can do to achieve what we want, and the better of others.

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