Friday, 31 March 2006

Late Night post

12. 13 a.m!!! omg... its soo late now... why am i still posting??? i was just getting ready for today...(heh..heh) sports day!!!! woohooo.. i had to clear my camera photos to upload them to my computer for more space to take pictures.. here's one really nice one... she's nikki, the one i would want you to vote for!!! please vote.. she's really cute!!!

where was i? oh ya... i had to change this $2.30 photo book, but i don't create wonders.... here's wad i've done!!! see... that grenish old thingy.. so old fashioned... justput a few cardstocks and pattern paper... here you go!!! more 'in' look!
this techniques formally known as decoupage was really famous for lots. its like have to slap PVC gule on the papers and paste it to the album, it can be used to make lots of different things... (i've been experimenting them..) i will, make most of it!!! don't worry!

i should have a good night sleep, so long... till the next post...( trust me... it will be quick!) Posted by Picasa Pin It

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  1. Hi Terrence... I love what you did with the album! You are right... Scrapbooking does bring us all together!