Sunday, 12 March 2006

Better quality, Better pictures.

This layout is the course by making memories (to know more, click link above), a scrapbooking company whereby they actually prepared this layout for the class. (add the photo's yourself)I used their leftover, pattern papers, stickers, and ribbons to form a next layout, though its simple, its cheaper then this one!

Now know how I take these pictures?? Well, using a white venguard sheet, a camera +camera tripod stand and a table study lamp to help make this scrapbook picture taking a success. More better photo techniques and capture, and its going to be pleasent for ur eyes. Other than my scrapbooking layouts, things like cards, tags, mini memory keepsakes which i have done (or other's have done) will be posted and treated with care. Please subscribe to my post newsletter if ur sure, more pictures coming up!

P.S: Please try to give comments on my blog! I am interested to hear! Not only i am interested to hear about my english, i would want more of stuffs like how the picture i take shd be better, or how should my layouts be done that make it looks nicer, or the part of trying to prevent further typo errors.
Anyway, i am sorry to say that i would have some broken english and typo erroes, tell me, although i wouldn't have change the post, tell me!
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