Saturday, 24 March 2012

share the enjoy.

 Made a card for betty! Totally love making it. Actually kinda stress la, had to make sure its up to standard. we actually wanted betty to guess who is the one who made the card but someone leaked the secret out! You can see the full card on Laine's Blog Its really fun to be in this community where sometimes a little handmade gift can go a loooong way. Nice to make a new friends too! I'm way behind updating my blog links so here's some I'm going to share with you to enjoy, they are really inspirational as for every scrapper.
Here are some colleagues of mine whom I'm really proud to have them as friends. (going to update them on my sidebar...)
Grace - really friendly and nice teacher with loads of talent!
Jaz - sharon was asking me why I call her Amazing Jaz, haha. Look at her blog to find out! She recently made me an album, I'm waiting for her to post on her blog. (really really touched.) you gotta see!
Shirley - she has a wealth of experience in the field (I'm talking about her like a scientist. Heh heh.) and is really creative :)
Love the quote I got from the ice-cream tub: "Share the joy, enjoy the goodness." YUM!
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  1. Now must call you Amazing Terence!! 'Cos the card is super awesome!!! :)