Friday, 9 March 2012

Random a little.

A few things I made but I didn't have time to share... A assignment made for a school's notice board. Never in the mind I had done such a HUGE CANVAS before. They are actually going to frame it up with glass panels and everything. How cool is that!!! I added extra glue to hold everything in place just in case, hope it stays the same after centuries. It would amazing if I see it the same after many decades. (cosmo cricket stickers are soooo nice to work with! heh heh!) I had to make another replica of it to be placed at the primary school as well!

Just to show messy it got: because it was such a huge canvas, I had to work on the floor. Its like a warzone after completing those 2 boards! (Kinda fun!) I had the boards shrink wrapped very safely when it was done!

 A sign I made after teaching a class at papermarket! Sometimes its just so fun to make what other people thinks are scraps and turn them into something nice. Imagine all these are just left over stickers and scrap papers!
Also, a extremely simple card I made for my academic writing professor, he was a pretty good prof so he darn well deserve a card! Haha, But I had this card for many years! Machine stitch is done by my mum. That I cant do... :)

A little busy period peaked up again! But I'll try to keep everything in place! Till then, smile! Pin It

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