Wednesday, 28 May 2008

nothing special...

... that is about my life or anything going on right now. so irritated about things going on, with lessons during holidays and with homework more demanding and tests more demanding during these holidays, it's making me go down. I just hate going out and suffering tot he expense of enjoyment of others. The very very werid thing is that whenever i feel real low depending on situations, I don't talk or I talk A LOT. so much that it even gets to me. I'm somehow hiding something (my feelings?) to others. Just trying to figure out how to make my day better. it get better worse... day by day... lesson after lessons.... like one teacher said... I am on a breaking point.
yea... just this is special.... a new family car... no more truck rides.
just feel totally good to be enjoying comfortable car rides and lying down, looking up at the sky.

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