Friday, 16 May 2008


everyone was resting like crazing to prepare for the race... I wasn't feeling tired so i started taking pictures while many are in their dreams... I made some photos with flashes and wei sinn didn't appear to be disturbed and was in DEEP SLEEP, probably that is the secret formula as to his running postion??? LOL.

Meanwhile, i'm giving myself many reason to why i suck at running, but I know that i didn't prepare or aim to compete with anyone in the first place.

This pic is one of my favourite for the whole event! jesley looks energetic btw. The 4 different house classmates seated together, forming a nice colour swatch!
After the race, our class gather to decide where to eat and relax. The milo truck was nearby though...had about erm.. 10 cups? :)

surprised that amelene wasn't there, or she probably would have drove the truck away for
After the whole thing, my legs were threatening to have cramps and even till now, my calf muscles are aching, walking up or down the stairs is a pain. Food was great and we talked...
The night was still young but tommorrow is school so we had to be put in a squeezy truck and sent home. What fun!!! to view more, click my blog post title or here.

sorry people, the photos ain't that good, I hope a better camera too. Pin It

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