Thursday, 20 September 2012

Still trying to hanging in there.

Really happy that this is done. Almost. probably adding a few more stuffs here and there. I would really hope that all of you can see how amazing this thing looks, counting the fact that it took months of planning, 4 weeks of side-tracking (which totally burnt me out), timeless rejections from the facilities management to put this artwork into reality. Interestingly, this artwork made so many glaring eyes and looks that made it worth it. It took really pains to make what seem like a really simple piece of work. I had Shikinn a year 1 student whom I just knew to help create the third piece of which i thought was really magnificent.

This work took real pains to pull through. What had expected to be a 2 hours pieces of work took to an whole afternoon. The funny fact is that I had this played out in my head the whole time before it was set up, thinking about the appropriate steps and things to get for people to help. Expecting loads of friends to help, I was too confident that many would spend their saturday helping me, which is why I am truly and grateful for the people who stayed on and helped me. For that, I would like to thank them, you know who you are. (and i am eternally grateful)

You can see from the picture how diffcult it was and the fabric was still in its second stage of installation. (yes, my mind thought of it in stages.)

In the midst of the time, I even got the medal for a get wet competition for swimming. Enjoyed the fun the social science school has.

Hope everyone had a good week. :D Hang in there. no pun intended. :)

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