Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Thank you amazing Jaz!!

It is always always amazing to receive gifts from scrapbookers and most of the this time i am at the receiving end. Haha, hope to have to gift back! I really enjoy being in this community. A warm big thank you to Jaz for making me such a nice COOL album! haha, if everyone knows Jaz pretty well, you would know that she probably reck her brains out to make the album as masculine as possible. (And as usual, she does it amazingly.) I actually taken some photos of her work, but the photo taking skills are also just as amazing so i decided to use her shots! Meanwhile I just can't decide what photos to put it... or just I use find quotes I like to put in? do suggest!!!

 It's sooooo nice on the inside too!

I better news on the side! My exams are over! so that means I am able to do whatever I want! Free as a Bird! Just kidding! I'll be traveling to Laos from 4th may to 20th may so please contact me through any internet means. I hope I can get some access there... (my blog will still be active!) 

When I'm back, I will be working at the new classroom at Plaza Singapura so do come visit! Excited!
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