Monday, 14 April 2008

Not donating old stuffs, money, but...

BLOOD! I'm donating blood! I know its nothing but its really a test of bravery. I could see many giving loads of excuses and avoid the converation or give excuses and disgusted looks when we talk about it.

It was worth the pain to give life to others and I suggest you to do it.

Congrates to sharamine who has done the same thing too! And other brave girls who have done it but couldn't and really did. I am proud of you. And to leo, who has done a brave front and been a comfort in that uneasy situation. Thank you.
To those who did not do what they said or ought to do and question others about the same thing, SHAME ON YOU. To those brave girls I see wanting to donating blood but can't, you already did a huge part in showing others compassion.
here's the picture of me donating blood. and this won't be my only time. The school for once did a good gob in holding such a event. Pin It

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